Monday, May 8, 2023



This one's dedicated to all my Breakbeat Hoes out there, you durrrrrty know who the fuck you are.

1. Head Graters “Rusted”
2. Pavane “All Your Love”
3. Cude “Parallel Dimension”
4. Morrison-Sound View “Blown Away (Ondamike Remix)”
5. Gruv42 “El Freaking Oh”
6. Fiscal “HyperSpeed”
7. Bosketta “Mount Profit”
8. Basstyler “Frequency”
9. Perfect Kombo, Bad Legs “Rolling Bass”
10. The Darrow Chem Syndicate “The Crazies (Perfect Kombo & KALOCOM Remix)”
11. Rasco, D.P.C. “Do It (Again)”
12. Guau “Energy”
13. The Darrow Chem Syndicate “Cross (Hankook & ACEDIAS Remix)”
14. Kid Panel, United States Beat Squad “I’m Feeling”
15. Paket “Paranoia”
16. The Darrow Chem Syndicate “Cosmos (OVUS & Hankook Remix)”
17. Ondamike “Bootylicious”

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