Friday, October 25, 2013

Tech House Vol. 2 (free mixset download)

previously exclusive for the Product One radio on - now available to download or stream! 192k mp3.

Track listing:
1. Damir Pushkar "Sweet Things"
2. Chipi, Co "Follow Me"
3. Louie Corrales "Nala's Groove (Louie's Touch The Sky Keys Mix)"
4. Andy Slate "When I Think Of You"
5. Jorge Montia, Johan Muller "Rocking"
6. Sebastian Manuel 'Manhattan Bound"
7. Roter, Lewis "Shaker"
8. Mikel Ayerra, Javi Colina, Quoxx "La Marimba"
9. Doneyck "My Sound"
10. Jowe X "Jausss"
11. Peter Pizzutelli "Broke Down" (Cable Recordings)

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