Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nu Disco Vol. 2

192k mp3 - FREE download

1. Telekollektiv "Trapped Inside Me"
2. Fabrizio Colasanti "Father and Brother"
3. Anton Ishutin & Anturage "I Feel You"
4. Kinkysoul "May Be Good"
5. Anturage, Lena Grig, Numera "Confused"
6. Zowa "Under the Milky Way"
7. Peter Illias "Summer Vibes (Forteba Remix)"
8. Ritch Mollen "Blue Shout"
9. Haze-M "Dance With Me"
10. Albuquerque "Silhouette"
11. Steve Bone "Baby Love"
12. Anturage, Lena Grig "I Want You So Bad"
13. Karol Aleksander "Let Me Work on You"

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