Saturday, March 16, 2013

new Deep House mix - Vol. 3 - Journey To Iscandar part 2

Journey to Iscandar part 2 - A Deep House Mix.
Free to download (192k mp3).
*sorry for the two minute into, but it's the only way to get around these damn audio bots that keep us DJs from posting our mixes*
The mission to Iscandar continues, as Derek Wildstar battles internally and externally with the greatest obstacles of his life. Space is a lonely place, even on a battleship filled with other people. Queen Starsha continues to give guidance when needed, but the journey is long and difficult.

Track listing:
intro - Battleship Yamato
1. Florence & The Machine "Spectrum" (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Island]
2. Finnebassen "Touching Me" [Noir Music]
3.Jay Shepherd & Martin Dawson "Cut A Hole" [Retrofit]
4. Jody Wisternoff "Just One More feat. Peter Josef" (Martin Roth Remix) [Anjunadeep]
5. Martin Roth "Beautiful Life" [Anjunadeep]
6. Niko Schwind & Lil Magdalene "We Are the Future" [Stil Vor Talent]
7. Andre Crom "Reality" (Dusky Remix) [Off Recordings]
8. Dusky "Numerical" [Dogmatik Records]
9. Kate Simko "Go On Then feat. Jem Cooke" [Leftroom Records]
10. NiCe7 "Time To Get Physical" [Noir Music]
11. Sydney "Funky Jack Robinson" [Tokyo Red Recordings]

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