Friday, November 9, 2012

Breakbeat Radio show tonight on @nsbradio : Techtonic Funk Brigade

Bringing you the freshest Breakbeat sounds live on NSB Radio.

Live playlist here on
follow nsb radio on twitter @nsbradio

For Android phones, download TuneIn Radio from Google Market, it lists NSB Radio as a station.

For iPhone there are 3 options:
1) Visit on your iPhone to view the mobile site and then click the "listen live" button. The stream should start playing.

2) Use the iPhone Link on the standard web version of the NSB Radio website

3) Download the FREE Shoutcast App in Itunes
Once downloaded, go in to Settings, and then the Shoutcast options, and then enable high bandwidth streams.
Then search the Shoutcast directory for NSB Radio, and you will get a choice of the hi bitrate stream (for when you are in 3g coverage) or the lo bitrate stream (for when you are out of 3g coverage)

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