Monday, February 6, 2012

V/A - Let Love Fly (Songs For Valentines Day) - King Street Sounds

Let Love Fly (Songs For Valentines Day)Kimara Lovelace
"The Magic Of Love (Alix Alvarez Main)" (mp3)
from "Let Love Fly (Songs For Valentines Day)"
(King Street Sounds)

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Album Notes
In honor of Valentine's Day, King St releases another sweet heart-felt and red-hot comp filled with 15 love-laden songs of varied sexy styles. From lush melodies and soft dulcet vocals as heard on Ananda Project Original Mix of Heather Johnson's "Happiness", the Tomo Swinging Mix of Stephanie Cooke "Sweetest Thing" and Joe Claussell's Album Mix of Ananda Project's "Let Love Fly," to deep and sexy basslines of Alix Alvarez's Main Mix of Kimara Lovelace's "The Magic of Love," and Hoshiko & Jere's Deep Mix of Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo's "One Desire," and the Kiko Club mix Ananda Project feat. AK "Heaven Is Right Here," to the heavy pumpin' classic 4/4's of X Fade's "Good & Plenty" (DJ Pierre Wild Pitch mix), Divas of Color feat. Evelyn King's "One More Time" (Sean McCabe Main), Cookie Monsterz ft Michelle Weeks "Spread Love" (Richard Earnshaw Remix), Kimara Lovelace's "Only You" (DT’s Groove Jet Mix), Rhythm Section "Never Too Much Love"(Club mix) and others quality tunes, the songs in this collection are sure to make for one helluva spicy evening!

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