Thursday, November 10, 2011

Soulful House Journey: Groove Assassin - King Street Sounds

As stated in the Groove Assassin bio, ‚whether it be peak-time bangers, deep tech-house or smoother soulful blissed out sunsets grooves, Nick delivers a very versatile catalog of musical genius, with an unmistakably contemporary approach and a unique GA touch. And this comp fits the bill! The varied musical designs described above re-formatted to fit perfectly into a solid groove. His story, skills and style proved to be more than ample to be able to rock this latest edition of the soulful house journey series. Like his world-renowned Soulful House Journey predecessors, Frankie Feliciano and Sean McCabe, Groove Assassin brings even more of that flavor and beats we love so much. He takes tunes and re-injects them with sweet sweet rhythm and funky flavor. From the unreleased GA Unreleased Deeper Mix re-productions of currents like Souled feat. Ashley Thomas‚ Cultureless‚and his Workout Edit of Francesco Tarantini “Amazon,” to his Demo Mix of DJ Roland Clark presents Urban Soul “Holdin On” to a fierce mash up edit of Kerri Chandler’s insane classics “Heal My Heart” and “Yellow‚” to his one of his amazing Original tunes‚ “Bring U Up‚” and “Back To Windy City”‚ and a ton more! Take from it what you will, but this collection is just another example of ambrosial music changing our mood or brain chemistry, turning it into an almost divine or other-worldly experience. Get the continuous mix when you buy the while collection!

  Soulful House Journey: Groove AssassinSouled
"Cultureless (GA Unreleased Deeper Mix) [feat. Ashley Thomas]" (mp3)
from "Soulful House Journey: Groove Assassin"
(King Street Sounds)

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