Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Great Scott - Glorious Dystopia - Muti Music

Glorious Dystopia is as much a display of where Great Scott has come as a producer as it is a deep and emotional reflection of humanity and our surroundings. Dystopia Movement’s 1 & 2 are so beautiful they rip your heart wide open with emotion, the EP otherwise ranges from the intense and even edgy, but always flowing and with glimpses of introspection. Uplifting moments abound in Mad Hydraulic Bounce and My Sashimi that would rage fans of Pretty Lights, STS9 as much as they would a breaks dancefloor.

Great Scott is the host of “MK Ultra,” on KTRU in Houston, is a regular on NSB Radio, has also been a resident DJ in China and was one of the NuSkoolBreaks radio DJs at WMC 2009. Recently Scott also founded and launched a new online radio show, Glitch. FM, which has fast become the centerpiece radio station for the emerging genres of wonky, glitch hop, lazer bass, turbo crunk, acid crunk and whatever else you’d like to call the new edgy instrumental hip hop and breakbeat scenes. Strongly inspired by the sounds of old-school big beat and breaks, including the likes of Fluke, The Prodigy, and Rabbit In The Moon, Scott is constantly attempting to fuse the sounds of the old with that of the new, while trying to achieve a delicate balance between producing music that's meant to make people move, with that which inflicts various emotions and imagery.

Artwork by Sinister Dexter: http://thesinisterkid.blogspot.com/
Glorious DystopiaGreat Scott featuring Royal Sapien
"My Sashimi" (mp3)
from "Glorious Dystopia"
(Muti Music)

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