Monday, October 11, 2010

my playlist from Saturday night's gig (10.9.10)

This was a record release party for the "Go Back (Part 1)" release on Cable Recordings. Floorcraft throws an awesome party every month at Shine in SF. He and his studio production partner (Nyar D) did a really great Techy Proggy remix of my track, so had a little party to celebrate. Thanks guys, for a great remix and a great party!

justin johnson,cable recordings,alisio delgado,alan stenback,nyar d,floorcraft,progressive house,tech house,acid house

1. Kobalt "Brick House" (Sweetleaf)
2. Tom Flynn "Catch That Bird" (Dirtybird)
3. Michael Paterson "Hypnotic" (Clubstream Blue)
4. Balbi Mas "Crystal Shots" (Traxacid)
5. Balbi Mas "Antica Babilonia" (Traxacid)
6. Justin Johnson "Go Back (Alisio Delgado Remix)" (Cable Recordings)
7. Edan Everywhere "The Instigator (Justin Johnson's Alamo Square Remix) (Cable Recordings)
8. 3PO "Bucky Done Gun" (Cable Recordings)
9. Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock "Safe Sound (Calvertron Remix)" (Klub Kids)
10. Foamo "Here Comes" (Moda Music)
11. Breakdown "WhiteNoize" (InStereo)
12. Herve "Together" (Cheaper Thrills)
13. Foamo "Generate Some Heat" (Moda Music)

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