Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Justin Johnson "The Breaks: 1997 - 2001"


In 1997 Justin Johnson released his first track on Don’t Panic Records (owned by Gruv 42) called “Lazer Blast”. It’s success was fueled by Justin’s innate ability to fuse Funky Breaks with Progressive House elements and create a dance floor anthem (coupled with Gruv 42’s production skills). Indeed, the track was licensed to DJ Liquid’s mix CD “Electroacidfunk2”. The following year, Justin teamed up with Satellite Records coworker John Selway to create “Supernatural”. This track took Justin ‘s love for the TB-303, the Electro Synth Pop styles of Alexander Robotnick, and edited classic Hip Hop beats, and created another monster that saw spins worldwide. Then in 1999, he released “Cranberry Breaks” (also on Don’t Panic), and from the success of that he joined forces with his dad to create the Barely Legal Records label. After two smash hit releases from Scotty Marz, Barely Legal’s third vinyl release never made it to the record shops, despite receiving a 5/5 review in Mixer Mag.
The Breaks: 1997 - 2001Justin Johnson, John Selway
"Supernatural" (mp3)
from "The Breaks: 1997 - 2001"
(Barely Legal Records)

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