Monday, January 26, 2009

Resources for promoting your music online

Right now is a crazy time for musicians and labels, especially those of us that are independent. There are so many resources and outlets for us, and some of them seem worthy while others seem just downright shady.
What I like to do is stay in touch with the technology experts to see what their take is on things. I read their sites religiously (nearly every day) to find out what's new, what's working, and what isn't. When I find an article that seems interesting I make sure I read the comments too.
Lately, several artists have been asking me where they should check for info, so I decided to compile this list. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list, but simply a list of sites that I've personally found interesting. And I'll probably update it consistently.

The Future of Music. Author David Kusek's blog.

Mashable. All that's new on the web (mostly in regards to social media).

Hypebot. Music. Technology. The New Music Business.

Hype Machine. Blog aggregator of all the top music blogs (mostly based on Technorati rankings). I like to check here to see what other people are blogging about, and when I find something I like then I *heart* it and that gets fed to my Twitter account with a link to it. My Twitter status also feeds into my Facebook status, so I'm literally notifying hundreds of peeps at a time about something I like.

Branding/ PR blogs:
The Future Buzz. Adam Singer's blog about PR.

Shoestring Branding. Great blog about branding techniques.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Justin, thanks for mentioning my blog in this great list of resources.