Friday, October 16, 2015

new Breaks mix - Vol. 11 - Night Moves on the Grid

Justin Johnson - Vol. 11 - Night Moves on the Grid - a Breakbeat mix.
1. DJ 33 "Turn This Party Out feat. BBK"
2. Flatmate "Restless"
3. Sloth "Boneless" (Breaksmafia Remix)
4. The Uptown Felaz "Now You Know feat. MC Kyla" (Kid Panel Remix)
5. DJ Justin Johnson "The Discos of Tron" (Wes Smith Remix)
6. DJ Justin Johnson "Body Movin" (Adrenalinez Remix)
7. DJ Justin Johnson "Logic Probe Breaks Battery"
8. Juxtapose & Tha Nightcrawlaz "Bad Chick"
9. Perfect Kombo "Go Shit"
10. Andy Mcallister "Boooshka!"
11. Freestylers "Fall Down"
12. Stanton Warriors "Jerk That (feat. Eboi)"
13, Neologisticism "Gold Rush"
14. DJ Justin Johnson "The Funky Game Grid"
15. Xtreme Project "Gimme More Pace"
16. The Incredible Melting Man "Prey on Me"
17. Spenda C & Nemo "Selekta"
18. DJ Justin Johnson "Master Control Funk Program"
Twitter: @djjustinjohnson
Instagram: djjustinjohnson

Monday, August 24, 2015

exclusive #breaks mix for Life Support Machine

Tracklist :
1. Fort Knox Five “Keep It Poppin” (Wes Smith Remix)
2. UFO Project “I Believe”
3. K4DJ “The Dance” (Comandbass Remix)
4. DJ Justin Johnson “Love Bone” (Justin’s Faultline Disco Breaks Remix) (coming soon on BLR025: Breakbeat Summer Sampler 2015)
5. DJ Justin Johnson “Master Control Funk Program” (coming soon on BLR026: “The Discos of Tron EP”)
6. ARklove “Lens” (Headset Heroes Remix)
7. Colombo & BBK “Found My Peace”
8. Josh Chambers “Arp Sauce” (Juxtapose Remix)
9. EvilBeat “Machota”
10. EvilBeat “On My Beat” (DJ Justin Johnson Remix) (coming soon on BLR025: Breakbeat Summer Sampler 2015)
11. Adrenalinez “Wet Me (Gulf Gate Project Remix) (coming soon on BLR025: Breakbeat Summer Sampler 2015)
12. DJ Justin Johnson “Body Movin” (Justin’s Faultline Breaks Remix) OUT NOW!
13. DJ Justin Johnson “AWOL in Cocomo” FREE DOWNLOAD at @djjustinjohnson
14. Colombo “Vibrate”
15. Deekline & Bad Zuka “My Desire”

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

coming soon! BLR025 - Breakbeat Summer Sampler

Available at Beatport

We're back with a superb compilation sampler, showcaseing some of the best summer breakbeat tracks there is to offer. It features the likes of RuN RiOT, The Gulf Gate Project, Sychosis, Adrenalinez, EvilBeat and DJ Justin Johnson.
RuN RiOT’s remix of ‘Wet Me’ by Adrenalinez is unleashing some serious heavy bass business. Also remixing ‘Wet Me’ is the Gulf Gate Project. This one adopts a more melodic approach giving the track a distinctive summer feel.
Up next is the Sychosis remix of EvilBeat’s ‘On My Beat’. Combining classic old skool synth stabs, with a dark, hard hitting kick drum. Barely Legal head honcho DJ Justin Johnson also gets his feet wet remixing ‘On My Beat’ & flexing his signature heavy bass muscle.
‘Machota’ brings EvilBeat’s twisted bass sounds to the forefront, as well as Justin Johnson’s Faultline Disco Breaks Mix of his original track ‘Love bone’ finishes things up nicely.
It’s looking like it’s going to be a hot summer for Barely Legal.
1. Adrenalinez "Wet Met" (RuN RiOT Remix)
2. Adrenalinez "Wet Me" (The Gulf Gate Project Remix)
3. EvilBeat "On My Beat" (Sychosis Remix)
4. EvilBeat "On My Beat" (DJ Justin Johnson Remix)
5. EvilBeat "Machota"
6. DJ Justin Johnson "Love Bone" (Justin's Faultline Disco Breaks Mix)
Mastered by Don C. at Phuture Trax.

DJ support:
DJ Icey: The 2 Justin Johnson tunes are the ones I like Best, with his riff in On My Beat as my favorite
Wes Smith: Justin Johnson slaps the hell outta the FUNK on this one. 
Left Right: 9/10 Dope remix from Sychosis!
Si Begg: wonky machota
Mike Swaine (Bass and Breaks radio): 9/10  Heavy remix package!
Wavewhore: The Gulf Gate Project Rmx is the stand out for me on this release
DJ LKP: nice release all round, like the disco vibe on the last track
DJ Rasco: EvilBeat - On My Beat (Sychosis Remix) Yes i like this track, massive support to this release ;)
DJ Slim Pickins: proper breaks!
Dreadzone: feeling the syschosis mix of on my beat
Galvartron: 9/10  Top selection of bangers!!
Jack Nash: Nice skippy beats and sampling in EvilBeat – Machota
JFB: like 'wet me' run riot mix & prob gonna play it at boomtown
Muffler: 10/10  massive
Qdup: Liking Adrenalinez - Wet Me (The Gulf Gate Project Remix)
Rico Tubbs: 8/10  solid package - machota for my usb
Tony Anthun: 10/10  THIS IS BREAKS GONE DIRTY!
Tektite (Vitamin B): Nice poolside summer vibes with On My Beat!
Lazy Cody (NSB Radio): dope tracks in this one, liking the Gulf Gate remix and the Disco Breaks mix - good stuff

Friday, July 17, 2015

out now! BLR024 - "Body Movin" (Breaks Remixes)

Get it exclusively at Beatport!

1. Adrenalinez Remix
2. Justin's Faultline Breaks Remix
Barely Legal records returns for their unrelenting assault on 2015. After the Adrenanlinez EP ‘The Lost City’ smashed the dance clubs in DJ sets by the likes of Lady Waks & 12th Planet, and got featured on the EDM Network, the label fires right back with an EP from label guru Justin Johnson.
His original version, released on Cable Recordings in 2012, is a bouncing, Tech House number. Bringing it bang up to date is Adrenalinez with a bass heavy breakbeat remix, entwining both a classic breaks feel, with a modern infusion of alternating basslines. Continuing the heavy breaks vibes, Justin himself delivers his Faultline breaks remix that combines the original robotic vocal, with an infectious weighty bassline and a hard hitting, old skool drum sequence.
Mastered by Don C. at Phuture Trax

Initial DJ Support:
Zeds Dead: 8/10
Wavewhore: Def feeling the Faultline Breaks Remix¦ nice tech-breaks/4x4 - great groove!!
Lazy Cody (NSB Radio): Faultline mix is dope! Nice groove and sounds really good, well done.
Dave Calculator: Adrenalinez remix is soo funky! Love it!!!
Mike Swaine (Bass and Breaks radio): cool. 8/10
Billy Daniel Bunter ( Will play the Justin Johnson mix on the radio
D-Funk: Feeling the garagey baseline on the Adrenalinez remix!
David (Headridge Get On It - Chichester, UK): good breaks sound  9/10
DJ Oscar (Detuned): body movin is great.
DJ Rasco: (Adrenalinez Remix) is the best for me, massive support ;)
Galvartron: nice bit of tuna!
Jack Nash: Thats some funky business when it drops, great tune.
Mat The Alien: 9/10 thanks
Muffler: 10/10 large
Phantasy: nice 8/10
Tom Hyppnen: nice 9/10

Press, Blogs, Podcasts: This is a great release! Fav has to go to Adrenalinez Solid Release (Sid): Top bit of Breakbeat from both remixes! (Josh Jacobs): We have a showdown of two remixes: first is Adrenalinez, who makes it spacey and glitchy. Love
this one. Justin's remix of his own track is much grimier, almost into a dubstep feel. Both great, but we had to go with the first. Give them a listen!